Vasserveur ECO rules

1) -English speaking and french speaking for public chat.

2) -Put your job or job goal in the player list, in english.

3) -Do not take an already taken skill (or goal skill) if Vassili do not agreed.

4) -Signs can be in english, french, or both.

5) -You do not leave wood pulps and stumpts (excepted around your house for your first hour of connection for reason of food needs).

6) -You do not leave anything in garbage bags (dropping things on the ground) for more of 5 minutes.

7) -You activate the ingame vocal, even if you do not have a microphone.

8) -You always read the chat.

9) -You make a shop who sell what your skill can produce (and for sure, not at an abused price).

10) -You do not plant your tent at less than a range of five free plots of other players.

11) -You must be active, so do not join if you will not come at least 4 days per week, or play only 5 hours per week.

12) -Outgame vocal system is not mandatory, but it's recommended to join the Mumble server (even without microphone).

13) -It is forbid to hang people to use another program or server for the vocal (so if you are not capable of using a libre and gratis software who exist since 17 years instead of this bad new "Discord", do not ask people to join you on it, do not divide the communauty).